Dental Gold

Kelowna Gold Buyer

Dental gold may be something that you have lying around the house and have forgotten about over time.  With today’s skyrocketing prices of gold, this is the time to remember where that old gold tooth is hiding.  One fact about dental gold that is not commonly known is that it is typically between 13.5 and 16 Karat.  That means those gold toothed ‘grills’ are a higher karat than your average wedding band!

I recently read a story about a Dentist who past away, and his children found a giant bag filled with gold teeth among his stuff.  At over $1800 per oz for pure gold, you can just imagine what that bag was worth!!  We here at would like to purchase any and all of your old dental gold. So start diggin’ through those drawers and boxes! You could be sitting on a literal gold mine!