Penticton Gold Buyer Events

          Recently, there have been a number of out of town gold buyers coming to Penticton and putting on weekend long events.  They heavily advertise and promote their events with newspaper articles and direct mail outs.  These out of town gold buyers come to Penticton, claiming to pay the top rates for your gold and silver coins, jewelry, scrap gold, silverware, bullion etc.

          The truth, however, is quite different than what they are advertising.  I recently had a friend inform me about one of their friends who got excited about one of these advertisements and took a load of their unwanted jewelry to a gold buying event that was held at Cherry Lane shopping center in Penticton.  The amount of cash they were paid for their items totaled just over $100.  I had my friend give me a detailed description of the items, what they weighed, and their purity.  Using this as an estimate, I came up with a quote for the items at around $500!!!! Had this person come to see me with their items, they would have been paid an extra $400 dollars for their gold and silver.

            The reason for this difference in price is actually quite obvious.  Who do you think pays for their advertising? Who pays for their flights all over the country? Who pays for the hefty conference room rentals and shopping mall stalls? YOU DO.. if you sell your gold and silver to an out of town buyer at a slick and polished gold and silver buying event in Penticton!

             Please do not make this mistake! Shop around, compare prices, due your due diligence, and only then will you see that selling your gold and silver items to a local penticton gold buyer gives you the highest possible value for your items.  With no overhead and fancy marketing, we at can give you the highest payouts for your items!


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