Selling Silver and Gold in the Okanagan

In the past, if a person wanted to sell their silver and gold in the Okanagan, they typically had two choices. They could take their items to a jewelry store, or to a pawn shop. Neither one of these options presents the best opportunity for the seller. Pawn shops and Jewelry stores have overhead. It costs money to have a storefront, pay for electricity, hire a staff, etc. All of these expenses have to be covered, and they do this by offering much lower rates for scrap gold and jewelry than an independent Gold Buyer can offer.

We here at have the lowest possible overhead. We are mobile and can travel to your location.  We have no storefront to pay for, no bills and no costly staff.  We can offer you the highest prices in the Okanagan for your Silver and Gold. Give us the opportunity to make you an offer on your items. You will be glad you chose an independent Silver and Gold buyer!

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