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Silver JewelrySilver is easily the second most popular precious metal after gold.  In fact, most people probably have more silver jewelry lying around than gold! You might even have silver jewelry that you don’t even realize is sterling silver! For example, I was recently given a gift by my Grandfather that consisted of a few of his old rings that he had been wearing for many, many years.  One of the rings, according to him, was just a gold plated cheap ring that he liked because of the way it looked, and it had a nice artificial diamond set into it.

Over the years the plating had worn off, leaving a dull looking and tarnished metal that he had assumed was worthless.  Upon close examination of this ring, I noticed the fine markings on the inside of the band.  The markings were “STG.” and a fancy “ERV”

STG. is a common jewelers hallmark that actually stands for “STERLING”! This cheap gold plated ring that my grandfather assumed was worthless, was actually gold plated sterling silver. It is quite a heavy ring making it quite valuable to sell as scrap! It is a safe to assume the fancy ERV marking is the silversmith’s signature.  If a craftsman takes the time to sign their work, chances are it is not going to be on cheap, throw away metal!

This is just one example of this, but I know of many more cases just like this one, where an item’s true value is not appreciated because of a lack of education on the item.  Don’t assume your jewelry is worthless! Bring it to a professional Gold and Silver scrap jewelry buyer and have them assess all your items. You will probably be pleasantly surprised when you do! In fact, we here at would love the opportunity to assess your items, and to offer you the highest prices in the Okanagan!

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