In Canada, Hamilton Police Recover Over 500 Fake US Silver Eagle Coins

Here is the link to the CBC story.

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When considering selling your sterling silver flatware or scrap jewelry for the estate, at an auction, consider the fact that you will pay 25% to 45% as a seller fee to the auction house.

The reason most people go to auctions is to get a good price and a deal. So if the buyer gets a deal and you pay a 35% seller’s fee, then you may very well lose the difference that the successful bidder gets.

He or she will likely buy it and resell it to a gold and silver buyer and make the difference that could have gone into the estate.

Something to think about.

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What to Expect when selling your gold or silver

You might be rightfully concerned about how a meeting to sell your precious metals will go.

Anytime we are doing something not familiar to us we can be uncomfortable and suffering a little from the fear of the unknown.

And there is the concern if you are meeting someone for the first time, can you trust this person and wondering if they are just trying to take advantage of you and or worse, are they just planning to steal your goods and cause you some physical harm.

As much as this maybe a concern for you as a prospective seller, don’t forget that the gold buyer might have the same concern, and not knowing you or your motives.

But let’s consider the situation comparing it to the more familiar transaction like selling your car to a private buyer or even a car dealer. Before you sell, you need to have a level of comfort with that person you are considering selling your vehicle to. Would you take a cheque from them? Will you let them take it for a test drive without you? There are many concerns for you the buyer, or for the seller for that matter, but many of these transaction happen everyday without incident.

I had one women say to me “how do I know you don’t have a gun” to which I responded, you don’t…but how do I know that you don’t have a gun either. She laughed.

I have had many comments that demonstrate the uncomfortable and concerned feeling people have had about the selling of their jewelry or coins. But as we get to know each other over a phone call we soon find a degree of comfort with each other and decide to set an appointment.

Please give me a call and let’s get to know one another.




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This was an email exchange with a customer:

Please note prices were relative to that point in time but the percentages don’t change. I offered 48% more than the jewelry store and she already knew my price. Here is our email exchange without her name. Note; she lives outside my local area and we had one phone call in between which clarified that. (As it turned out the world gold price increased by the time the items arrived, and I gave her 56% more than the jewelry store)

in august I found a bag of gold rings which the rcmp returned to me
today, would like to sell them
for the gold value
i have from 2:30 to 3:30 available wed, if that works, this is my cell,
if I am working I don’t always have time to answer so leave a message.


We can go based on today’s price of 16.35 or you can let me know when you want to lock in a price, the market is always moving and we just need to pick a place in time, tomorrow it may be up a little or it may be down a little, it is totally up to you when we agree on a price.


if I get time it will go express mail tomorrow, unfortunately one of the rings is a combination of gold and silver, so slightly less than 30 grams will eventually arrive when it arrives.
have a good evening
🙂 (Her name was here)
lock it in at the highest rate of course! LOL
I don’t really care honestly if its today, tomorrow or the day it arrives.

FYI tried a jewelry store to get an idea on weight, and price difference, he only offered 11.05 for todays rate, so considerably less


Hi (her name),
Thanks for the pricing feedback.
I will look for your package and call you after I can evaluate it.
Cheers, Chuck


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We pay the Top Rate…Guaranteed

Our mobile service provides discreet and friendly service. Our low overhead means more money paid to you, more than Jewelry Stores, and way more than Pawn Shop rates. And forget about those fly-by-night gold buyers who come to town for a week and pay the least of all. has been buying gold and silver since 1999.

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