How Our Service Works


Here at we offer a mobile service. There are many reasons that we have chosen to be a mobile service rather than have an actual physical location, but the most important of these reasons is that it enables us to have very low overhead. Due to the lower operating cost of a mobile service, we are able to keep our rates much higher than other gold and silver buyers, especially pawn shops, jewelry stores and out of town buyers. It is really quite simple… the money we save on low operating cost, we pass back to our customers by offering the best possible prices for their items.


Simply call us at 778-214-3407 or fill out a contact form from to schedule a no obligation appointment. Our assessing and quoting on your items is free! You will NEVER be pressured to sell your items.


Most clients have us come directly to their homes to assess their items due to the comfort, convenience and privacy it provides, but we are also able to meet in any public location to assess items. We carry portable scales, silver and gold purity testers, and all necessary tools needed to quickly and accurately provide you with a quote. Many reputable businesses in the Okanagan allow services such as ours to conduct business at their establishments including Denny’s, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, mall food courts, city parks etc. Anywhere you feel comfortable, we are able to come! All weighing and testing of your gold, silver, scrap jewelry, silverware, bullion, coins etc will be be done right in front of you, with your items never leaving your sight. After the assessment is complete, we will make you an offer based on current market prices, and if you accept our offer you will be paid instantly. Our business model is based on convenience, and nothing is as convenient as cash! Please remember that photo ID is required, and that any suspicious items will not be purchased by us. We strive to be the Okanagan’s #1 mobile gold and silver buyers, and our honest approach and friendly service is what makes us #1.

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